Cheaper isn’t always better

I don’t tend to do WordPress websites, not because I don’t know how, but there are just better projects to do and this is usually a waste of time. But when you throw a big hourly price and the client still insists that you should do the project for him… well, money is money.

I was recently doing a simple company website with a blog and a WooCommerce store – nothing fancy. The client was paying me per hour, so when he threw some custom stuff ideas on me, I didn’t argue. After two weeks the tailored website was up and running with everything he wanted. This required some work, especially because he wanted some “innovative” functionalities (well in his rights) and wouldn’t take no for an answer, but I finished the project in 100%.

Family to the rescue

When he heard the price, he wasn’t happy at all (although I was giving him information all the time how much everything will cost). The good thing is that he paid me and even told me, we will be doing more things with the website in the near future.

Next week he aparently changed his mind. He told me that he will give the next steps of the project to insert_random_family_member who will do it twice as cheap. I was actually glad, because this would allow me to finish some of my hobby IoT projects that are hanging on Github. I wished him good luck and hoping that everything will work out well…

… which didn’t. Two weeks later I get a call from my client (which I didn’t expect to be honest). He asked me to help him, because half the things I did stopped working:

Aparently the insert_random_family_member didn’t really know what he was doing there, replaced some plugins (and he didn’t even configure them correctly), removed ones he didn’t know and tried to translate strings in code (sic!). The client ended up paying twice for the same thing, but I think he learned a lesson or two.

Fast and good… why so expensive?

Every project comes at a price. There are three rules to that:

Some clients still don’t understand this. Be the good cop and educate your clients.