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Python Developer & Engineering Analyst


Python Data Science Drums


Bioeconomy PHD Student

University of Warmia and Mazury

Equestry Animal Care Biochemistry


The history of us.

To be continued...

May 2021

Baine is adopted.

May 2021

Ania and Łukasz get married.
May the 4th be with you.

March 2021

Simba is adopted.

September 2017

Ania and Łukasz get engaged.

April 2017

Rey and Asajj are adopted.

September 2016

Kotek is adopted.

October 2015

Wifi is adopted.

April 2014

Fifi and Stefa Jr. are adopted.

July 2013

Garfield is adopted.

October 2012

Ania goes to University.

September 2012

Ania and Łukasz meet.

February 2011

Luna and Stefa are adopted.

October 2009

Łukasz goes to University.

November 1998

Bingo is adopted.

April 1993

Ania is born.

May 1989

Łukasz is born.

The beginning of Time
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