Hello, my name is Lukasz Zmudzinski and I’m a python programmer in love with data and new technologies. I am currently employed as a Data Scientist at Butter and a Research Assistant at the University of Warmia and Mazury. My main work interests are algorithmics, working with data, building robust backend services and coding mobile apps (including IoT).

When it comes to my spare time, I love to spend it with my family: my fiancee Ania, dog, cat and 3 guinea pigs. I enjoy playing the guitar, saving Azeroth from mythic bosses and playing basketball. I’m also a Star Wars geek, big time.


If you have a questions please send me an email: lukasz@zmudzinski.me.

You can also find me on GitLab and LinkedIn.

Regarding my blog

My blog is related to programming, data science and general thoughts on topics I find interesting. While reading the blog, remember that any opinions are my own and are not written on behalf of my employers. Moreover, this blog does not contain any paid writing nor guest posts and will never contain ads.