Thirty year summary

Hitting thirty is scary. When I talked with friends in my twenties, I always envisioned a thirty year old as an mature adult, that isn’t young anymore. So as my birthday was a few days ago… I don’t see any difference. I didn’t grow a beard, get grey hair or even speak aristocratic british overnight (although that could be cool). To be honest, the only thing that changed is that when someone asks me how old I am, I can respond I'm 30, making it awkward for others.

Nevertheless, being thirty is a great moment to do a summary of stuff that worked out for me and where I failed badly over the last years. I won’t be looking in the earlier days, just into anything that is relevant to my career years, not to make the list too long.

What didn’t work out.

What turned out… okay?


To be honest when I think about my adult life, while it was a really bumpy ride, it turned out quite good. Nothing that I planned on the way turned out how I imagined it, but sometimes that is a good thing - the outcomes were a few times better than I have imagined. One thing that I learned is that - no matter what - you should try fighting for your personal goals and while it might not work out the first few times, it will eventually.

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