OpenBeer: govtech

GovTech presentation

Today evening I took part in an OpenBeer event organized by the Olsztyn programming community (lead by Paweł Harajda), where the main topic was a ministry project called govtech Polska. The goal of this endeavour is to create software applications that help the “greater good” of Poland, while getting money for it - as a company or any legal entity. The projects are proposed by entities like: Orlen, Chancellery of the Senate, Ministry of Digitization and more.

After selecting a software project you want to participate in, you are put into two phases:

The maximum budget for this stage of the project is usually around 600k PLN, although it can be higher (the machine learning challenge for PGNiG is set to maximum of 738k PLN). Moreover this can flourish into a long term relationship, where your company could build an entire software platform for government institutions.

To participate in the challenge, you can visit the main website:

What you need to remember to take part in govtech right now

  1. All available proposals need to arrive at govtech until 28th October 2019,
  2. You can either print the proposal and send it by post or use the electronic platform (which seems a lot more convenient, but requires an electronic signature),
  3. You will be informed if you “got in” until 5th of November and will receive your tasks.

The copyrights are assigned on a “per project” basis. Some projects will make you transfer the rights to the gov, other will let you have them. Remember to read the project description carefully. I was assured that any intellectual values can be negotiated during the final stage of contract signing as well.

Post Scriptum

The event took place at Pijana Czapla, and they have really good beer out there… so sorry in advance for any typos or grammar errors.

Have a great evening!

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