Blizzard, I am dissapointed

I don’t usually write about computer games in my blog. Not because I don’t like them, but because this blog is more of a journal for me to remember important things or how I solved some problems in the past. Yesterday something broke in me, because a company I trusted for the last 15 years, turned into a money grabbing machine like EA or (lately) Bethesda. I am not angry. To be honest, this is their decision, how they want to run their company. As a long lasting customer tho… I’m really dissapointed.

I’m one of the people that grew on Blizzard games: my first adventures in Sanctuary, building the Horde with Thrall, saving Azeroth from various demons and abominations… or lately shielding my friends as a tank in Overwatch. As someone who didn’t have many friends during school, the games were something I awaited every day, to get back to after school. They made me important, they made me the hero.

I spent half my life playing in the worlds that the designers, programmers and other team members created. Most of them in the realms of Warcraft - be that the RTS game or the MMO. I never hesitated to throw my money at them, because I really loved the games and I wanted to support them as much as I can. As an example, together with my fiancee, we have almost all store pets and mounts available for World of Warcraft (bought twice, so we both have them). Heck! I even bought tokens to get to my 5 milion gold mount, which they decided to remove in Shadowlands. I never felt that I’m wasting my money, because like I said - this was something I loved and cherished every moment I could spend in there.

Blizzard just released Warcraft III: Reforged, a game I blindly bought the moment they opened their money grabbing machine during Blizzcon. Of course the more expensive version, where you get all those cool mounts and pets for other games. For me this was a nostalgia trip to a place I used to spend so much time in when I was a kid. Not only that, they promised all those cool new features like redesigned UI, 4 hours of new cinematics, everything we loved in the old game, but more! I was so grateful for them back then. This was something I was really looking forward to. This… was something I really needed to remember how I grew up and remind me what values used to matter for me back then.

We can add up to what happened in World of Warcraft lately. The dissapointing ending of an entire expansion. Cancelled patches. Rushed decisions. The game isn’t even fun to play anymore. I have no idea where this is headed. Fun systems on paper turned into boring bloodmallet or raidbots sims. Not even starting on the story - building up Old Gods for a few expansions, killing the big bad in one patch, that wasn’t even the main thing of Battle for Azeroth (I’m really confused why put two stories into one expansion, which didn’t make either great).

I mean… I won’t write here about what was promised there, what was not - you can find a lot of movies on youtube about that (or check Metacritic). I just want to say that… for me personally… you were the good guys. I could count on you, when it comes to releasing valuable products, to be community driven… to be just like friends I never felt like having during my younger days.

I’m so sorry.

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