Tableau presentation at Olcamp

I was recently invited to give a presentation about some IT topic at a weekly programmer event called Olcamp Lite. The meetings take place every Tuesday and you can learn a lot of cool things about recent doings of Olsztyn IT people. I decided to pull off a lecture about Tableau Software, as its something I worked a lot with recently.

While you can hear a lot of good things about Tableau (and they are mostly true), I decided to focus on things that didn’t work out for me, since that is what they usually don’t tell you. Also, this was done from a perspective of a small/medium Startup, where you don’t have unlimited funds like in corporations.

Topics that were covered:

  1. How my journey with Tableau started,
  2. What exactly is Tableau,
  3. All the things that didn’t work out.

Thank you for the opportunity to present. Till next time!

Presentation (in Polish)

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